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The Gathering

Hello everyone!

I just came home from TG, and it was amazing! There was 4500 people this year, including Savant (Artist) and Sodapoppins (Well known youtuber). I met Sodapoppins, but he only play “LOL” and watch youtube stuff. Not my kind of stuff.


Here is a list to the TG Playlist on Spotify: The Gathering 2014.

Here is a picture i took with my phone:

It’s amazing there. I am already exited for next year 🙂

The Gathering 2014 - Transylvania
The official The Gathering wallpaper 2014 🙂
The Gathering 2014 – Highlight Day 1
Live at The Gathering 2014 – TG14 – Miu
The network was fast :O

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