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Goodbye, NorHood!

I have been running a minecraft server named “NorHood” for about 4 years now. (Website: The server got shut down this week due tho alot of problems with staff members, owners, and alot of personal lifes. Me included, I have some depression and other stuff that i wont talk about here. So yeah, it’s pretty simple. The server ( is gone. Here is the goodbye message i posted on

Well.. It looks like NorHood have found it’s end. I have been running NorHood under many names for about 4 years now, and i am sorry to say that i am done with NorHood. It’s been amazing to get known with everyone, and i will never forget you guys. I, Sara and Miku have left / quited NorHood now, and it is basicly run by plugins and a few admins/mods. The reason why i am shutting NorHood down is because of all the updates from Mojang. Namechanging and UUID is ruining every plugin ive been using months on to make them work with other plugins, and make the server good. Now, it will all break, and need to be updated. All server files, and everything have to be redone, and it is just to much for me. If you want to take over the server, contact me on skype: gorgonsteel. But before you do it, you need to know that it is not a simple job, and it will cost alot. First, you need at least 8 GB RAM, wich would cost about $100 /month. And the server files are on 41.7 GB (GIGABYTE). That is alot, and most hosts dosent allow that large files. This means that you need to find a 8 GB server with at least 42 GB Diskspace. But it is growing fast, so you should get more diskspace fast. You need a good processor and fast network in order to keep it lag free. So yeah.. it will be shit. I may re open NorHood one day, but i don’t know when. I am really sorry if you loose any of your buildings and everything you have made on NorHood, but there is nothing I or you can do. I dont have the time to work on the server, and i really don’t have the energy. I will have the forums open for people who want to talk.

Bye everyone, btw my skype is gorgonsteel, and my KIK is aksel650.

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