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A little update :P

Yay another blog update, lol, oh well.

I have worked alot on my websites,,,,, and some other sites. I love what i do, developing websites and stuff. I am currently in progress to learn PHP better as i know HTML fully out now and want to become more advanced.

Also, I am going to Ireland with my school class tomorrow!! I am really exited. No one have no idea how much i love the new class i am in! They are the most amazing people ive ever met ever. And now im going to stay with them for 10 whole days! It will be soooooo cool 🙂 hehe, i have 3 iPods and a iPhone filled up with music for the trip, and i have saved up some money too. wohoo.

Updates for SkyCity:
I have moved host from my server to to improve the speed of the server. Their support are great, and they are so cheap. Starting from $2.50/month. It’s nice! I have also talked to my friend who developing the website software (, and he is working hard to make the website look amazing. See it for yourself: Friend request, Private Messages, News Feed and more! And soon to come: Forums. I am exited to get a forum update soon 😀

Well i should go to bed, bye 😛

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