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Monthly archives: June, 2014

New hobby: iPhone 5 cases

I have bought alot of cases lately, and i have decided to make it a hobby. I have alot of them now, and i will continue to buy more of them 😀 I love them. Just go to to see all of my cases 😀 They are really cool!

NorHood Will Be Reborn!

It’s finaly summer break, and i will have alot of free time. I will use more time on NorHood, and make it even better than it have ever been! Welcome to NorHood Survival! IP: Check NorHood ChatRoom!

A new gamingsite!

I and a friend have been working on a gaming website for a little while now, and we are happy to say that it have been launched! Go to and enjoy gaming!

New system for my websites

As you probably have seen, i have updated the website system a little. Instead of entering the url you typed (, you will be sent to This is for all websites owned by me. (not updated) (not updated) You can also access webmail from

Mojang sucks!

The new EULA have made me to shut down and remove my servers from the public. The server “SkyCity” ( and “GoldenCreate” ( have been shut down and will not be restored at any time soon. I will continue to work on MineCMS with my friend Fix, and i hope mojang will fuck off and …