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AwarenessCraft – A new project Fawdaw will work on!

Here at Fawdaw we want to help people out with their web solutions. Because of many people’s bugets, we work for a really low price or even for free if we think that they deserve it. We work fast and efficient to get their website up and running.

AwarenessCraft is a gaming event that we hold every now and again, to raise awareness, and money, for subjects that need it. We do all this through gaming!

This AwarenessCraft am raising money for a charity called “Respect Yourself”.
Respect Yourself is a charity that sends helpful messages to young people daily. They cover a large range of subjects, including:
Bullying – Puberty – Sexuality – Autism – Confidence – Suicide – School
And a lot more.

I am helping them raise £6000 to go towards an app for the app store for RespectYourself.
Currently, Respect Yourself send messages via Twitter and Facebook, but making an app will help them grow and expand, and send more messages out to young people who need them.

Respect Yourself are currently based in the UK, but having an app will help them grow nationally.

So, this AwarenessCraft, is going towards raising £6000 for this wonderful charity, and helping them, help others.

Last AwarenessCraft, We had 15 YouTubers, including Keralis, and AutismFather, help us raise awareness for bullying. We hosted a Minecraft server for 12 hours, livestreamed, and hosted a YouTuber panel, to raise awareness.

This time, the event will be sometime is December, however, the building for this event, by the YouTubers/Streamers, will be needed before hand.

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