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A new service and a huge update!

A brand new service from Fawdaw!

I am happy to say that our latest service is published out to the web! This is a unique and smart tool that will make your web searches easier! We are introducing the brand new Fawdaw Search!
  This tool is unique because it is not only “one” search engine, but 24 search engines. All on one place. This search tool includes the largest websites on the web: Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, ThePirateBay, Imgur, GitHub, Tumblr, YouTube and so on. How awesome isnt that? The tool is easy. When you visit the website you will see 24 different search boxes. “oh god that sounds messy”. Well, it’s not. You can easy find the search engine you want to use and search for what ever you want. As said in our TOS and Privacy, we do not store any information about what you search after. Your searches stays between you and the engine you are searching at (example google). Want to give it a try? Go to (Open in a new tab).

A huge update on our image service!

We have also been working on a huge update for our amazing image service. We got a new domain for our service, We have some great new features for our image host.

*Full SSL support so the picture will load perfectly on both none-secure and secure websites.
*A nice background on the site to make everything easy to understand.
*Nice GUI on the uploader so you dont have to hassle with uploading images.
*A new domain name to make it easier to remember it.

Start using our image service on

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