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Block skype ads quick and easy!

Hi everyone,

I was trying to find a way to block all these annoying ads that the new Skype has introdused. 

There where a couple of ways to actually achieve this but most of them where not working after Skype was updating.

Below is the way that works regardless the Skype version as it ‘hits’ directly in the source, the ads themselfes. 

1 Press Windows+R and type C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts  


1. Navigate to the folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ , right click on the hosts file and hit Open (or edit with Notepad++ if you have it)

2. Select Notepad or any other text editor you prefer (Note that you need to start the editor program with admin rights)
2. Add at the bottom of the file the lines below:

# Skype Ads Blocker

# End Skype Ads Blocker

3. Save and restart your Skype app.

What you are basically doing is blocking the servers that Skype is pulling the ads from. 

If you have any problems after applying this fix or you want to see these beatifull ads again (you must be drunk to do so! ) simply remove the lines you’ve added in the host file.

Hope this helps someone.

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