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I have begin to look more into linux and are still trying to find the perfect one for me. I love linux for it’s stability, unfortunately I haven’t been that lucky with the distros i have tested out. I have tried Linux Mint, Arch Linux, Ubuntu (from 10 and up to the latest release, 16.04.4) and all of them seems a little unstable for me. The software center are horrible when it comes to downloading apps, it crash, are slow and sometimes won’t let me download applications that i wish to download. When i install google chrome, the whole screen start flashing random and the computer randomly shuts down. I have not given up yet, and are still looking for the perfect distro, and i want to switch from windows as fast as possible.

To help the community a little bit, i have downloaded every available version of the following linux distros through torrent: Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, and will seed for as long as i can, to provide more bandwidth for others who wish to download it.

If you know about any distro i should test out, please leave a comment below!

Size of torrent base: 92,7 GB

Here are the following Linux distros i am currently seeding for:


Arch Linux

BlackArch Linux [New]

Linux Mint



Ubuntu MATE

Ubuntu GNOME

Ubuntu Studio


Ubuntu Kylin

If you know about any linux distros that are not in this list, that offer torrent downloading, feel free to comment it below so i can add them on my server and help them as well 🙂

Please remember that torrenting is NOT ILLEGAL! It is the data shared through torrenting that is illegal. You can share anything through torrenting, a illegal pirated movie or a free copy of linux shared by the creator of that product. Don’t be afraid to use torrent, just take a second to think about if the file you are downloading is illegal or not.

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