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I recently bought a product I never thought I would buy. A Fingerprint Padlock. I have been considering buying one for a couple of years now, and opting to buy one after watching a couple of YouTube videos about them.

The padlock I chose to buy was a “BlitzWolf® BW-FL1 Smart Fingerprint Padlock”. This is a relatively small padlock, which works perfectly to have in the basement, in a suitcase when I am traveling, and in the gym.

The padlock supports up to 20 fingerprints, of which the first two are “administrator” imprints. The administrator prints are used when adding a fingerprint, or if you want to reset the padlock. I have personally registered both my thumbs as an administrator imprint, so no one else can add or delete fingerprints, but it is very nice to have the option to allow others to add fingerprints if it is a shared lock.

Product Image from
Product Image from

It is advertised that the padlock has a battery life of around 1 year, but this is probably less if you use the padlock a lot. The padlock is charged via MicroUSB, and the charging time is about 40 minutes. I have only charged it once, and then it took about 5 minutes to fully charge it.

I have only had the padlock for a week, so I do not know how the padlock stays together over time. In any case, I am so happy with the padlock that I have ordered 3 more, so I can use them in several places. Being able to lock something without thinking about a key is very nice, and I use it to lock my electric kickscooter, a Xiaomi M365 Pro, even if the lock is a little small to secure the scooter well.

As you can see in the picture to the right, some wear has appeared on the padlock. This is because it has been used to lock my electric scooter. It seems that the padlock is scratched quite quickly, so this is something to think about if you want to buy one.

Photo of “BlitzWolf® BW-FL1 after one week of use. By Aksel Telle.

The padlock looks very similar to Xiaomi’s Uodi Smart Fingerprint Padlock. I do not know if this is a coincidence, a collaboration or if someone has stolen a design, but as long as the padlock works, I am happy.

I bought the padlock from for $30, but there are several websites that sell fingerprint padlocks.

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