Hyper 5000mAh Wireless Battery with MagSafe Support

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I recently ordered a power bank made for iPhone 12’s MagSafe technology. I ordered this just days before Apple launched its own MagSafe Powerbank, which is a bit boring.

The power bank is called Hyper, and has a 5000mAh battery. This is in theory almost enough to charge an iPhone 12 Pro twice, but due to the loss of wireless charging, it is probably closer to one charge. The reason I care about how much it can charge an iPhone 12 Pro is that it is this model I have.

Product image from eplehuset.no
Product image from eplehuset.no

The Powerbank sits right on the phone, and a little better when I use it with the official silicone cover from Apple with MagSafe magnets built in, due to the silicone making it stick a little extra.

With a cover without MagSafe magnets, the power bank is almost useless. There is nothing that holds the battery pack in place, which means that you can only charge the phone when you leave it flat on a table.

The powerbank charges fairly quickly with a USB-C cable, and can also charge other devices from the USB-C port, which means that it can be used as a regular powerbank as well, if you have other devices that do not support MagSafe.

I’m pretty happy with the Hyper powerbank, and will keep it despite the fact that Apple has launched its own battery pack. You do not get the battery capacity of Hyper on the iPhone as you do with Apple’s powerbank, but this can be seen on the back of the Hyper powerbank.

You also do not get “reverse charging”, where you can charge the power bank from the iPhone when connecting a charging cable to the phone, but this is not a problem since you can connect a USB-C cable to the Hyper power bank, which will charge itself and the iPhone at the same time.

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