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Cheap DDoS Protection for your home network

If you went to this blog post, you are probably interested in running some servers on your own home network. It is very fun to run your own servers to offer services, have your own website, or just to learn. Maybe you want to run your own game server, like a minecraft server. But there …

My thoughts on Apple AirTag

Apple recently released the Apple AirTag, a small tracking device to find your things, such as backpack and keys. The AirTag is powered by Apple’s Find My network, a tracking network backed by all iPhones in the world. This makes the AirTag really powerful, and beat competitors such as Tile. I bought a 4-pack of …

New Blog!

Hello. It’s been a long time since i updated my blog. I have moved it from Weebly to my own server, now running WordPress 5.4.2. All old posts have been moved to this blog to keep it as a archive.