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My thoughts on Apple AirTag

Apple recently released the Apple AirTag, a small tracking device to find your things, such as backpack and keys. The AirTag is powered by Apple’s Find My network, a tracking network backed by all iPhones in the world. This makes the AirTag really powerful, and beat competitors such as Tile. I bought a 4-pack of …

New Blog!

Hello. It’s been a long time since i updated my blog. I have moved it from Weebly to my own server, now running WordPress 5.4.2. All old posts have been moved to this blog to keep it as a archive.

MineJam’s old website

From October in 2014 to around may in 2015 I was the website developer of MineJam Network. I got kicked out of the project after MineJam got new owners, and the site got shut down. Now, more than a year after, it has been archived, and is avaliable to browse on You can also access …